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University of St.Gallen & Copenhagen Business School ITIL self-assessment study

"A number of itSMF SA members participated in the University of St.Gallen & Copenhagen Business School ITIL self-assessment study. The universities thanks you for your participation and have since improved the assessment. Members are encouraged to take part in the study by going to :http://itil.selfsurvey.org which will be available until the end of June this year. The scientists are now able to provide an updated assessment with more detailed benchmarking functionalities and participants now receive an individualized gap analysis which amongst others:

- differentiates between different types of IT service providers (internal, shared, external),
- provides benchmarks on ITIL domain level as well as on a process level,
- and summarizes the gaps in a roadmap indicating the most urgent improvement needs.

The results of this international survey so far was quite insightful – once again South African companies don't have to stand back for anyone globally and although the level of maturity is sometimes below the global average – it is only marginally so. The results are shown below.





ITIL sold to UK company

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No more waiting – we have the long awaited answer.

Who got the deal – none of the players that was reported to be in the run! A total outsider was chosen by the UK government to be their new partner for managing ITIL, PRINCE2, MoR, etc IP and accreditation schemes.

The Government has set up a joint venture with Capita, the FTSE 100 services company, to develop some of the state’s IT and training programs in a unique deal that could generate £500m for the Treasury over 10 years.

Capital has agreed to pay the Government £10m up-front for a 51pc stake in the new company plus an annual fee for three years of £9.4m a year, which is the Government’s current income from the assets. By developing the IP and marketing it abroad, it is estimated that the returns could soar.

The management, which has not yet been confirmed, and employees will be incentivized by a 5pc profit share. The new company will be launched in January.

So what will happen with current licensed providers agreements with their EI’s? It is reported that the joint venture will not upset the current ecosystem but it is inevitable that there will be changes!

Let’s wait and see – the next few months will tell us what will happen. In the meantime APMG is still the licensor until end of Dec 2013.

Johann Botha is the current chair of the itSMF SA and the CEO of getITright and ITIL, COBIT and ISO20000 Accredited Training Organisation

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