Johann Botha's excellent talk on DevOps, Agile and Lean using ITIL® and COBIT

An Excellent Presentation - itSMFsa thanks Johann Botha and Engen

There was a large turnout for a cold evening in Cape Town. Since Engen had, very kindly, agreed to provide the premises, there were many Engen employees at the event - more than from anywhere else.

This helped direct the flow of events, so a lot more practical detail was covered than might otherwise be the case. Johann Botha's excellent and entertaining presentation was very well received and there were many questions, with an enthusiastic discussion afterwards. 

This really is an important and topical subject. Johann's message was clear and well presented, but it was not all comforting. There is a lot of work to be done to adopt the ideas he presented. Mostly the most difficult sort of work - organisation and people change work.

I, myself, enjoyed the event very much, and was able to capture some of the thoughts in twitter. These give a flavour of the talk:

Johan Botha - when you see a triangle you know it won't work. Always a compromise #DevOps @itSMFSA

Johann Botha rolling a barrel up a hill, you need a wedge, or you get flattened. Baselines are wedges @itSMFSA #Agile #DevOps

Automate - but there are some decisions you don't want a machine to make - Johann Botha @itSMFSA #DevOps

Banks & Internet companies are all very active with #DevOps @itSMFSA Johann Botha

In #ITIL Development is called Release & Deployment - #ITIL likes the use of models. @itSMFSA Johann Botha #DevOos

Experience is built into models. That is why try work so well @itSMFSA #surgery #DevOps #ITIL Johann Botha

High risk changes are like that the first time, when well understood and well defined, they become low risk. #ITIL @itSMFSA #DevOps

Where can you learn about #DevOps? In the #ITIL books… Johann Botha @itSMFSA

Johann Botha: DevOps = #ITIL Change -> Release -> Configuration + Consistence + Flow #DevOps @itSMFSA


 Johann Botha #DevOps is KaiZen - Continuous Improvement #ITIL @itSMFsa 改善

Johann Botha - @DevOps is not for Cowboys #ITIL @itSMFSA - what get measured gets done - Drucker

Performance must be measured differently @itSMFSA #ITIL #DecOps Johann Botha

Johann Botha's new venture #kaizen #ITIL @itSMFSA #DevOps 




For those interested in more, Johann's presentation is here: 


Johann Botha's Presentation as a .pdf


Engen kindly sponsored the event by providing their premises






Wikipedia project

Appeal for help

It's not a good time to start, I know, but the new year is, and it's not far away. I also shouldn't be thinking of new projects when my plate is already too full.
Still, I think this needs to be done. If anybody is interesting in helping me, so it's a team effort, I think it would be done as a much better job, and it'd be less work for everybody.

What's the problem?

Wikipedia. Well, there's nothing wrong with wikipedia itself, but the articles on wikipedia that cover the sort of things we discuss here are a mess. I think this is a pity.
I'd like to put together a team, to start work tidying up all the relevant articles on wikipedia.
The aim is not to abuse any copyrighted information, nor to replace, or compete with, any published guidance.
It would be good, though, to be able to include information from other initiatives, such as IT4IT and the ASM to the mix - as well as having good articles on recent areas of interest, such as SIAM.

How would we do it?

Once we have a team, we'd, together, agree priorities. We'd then produce a short-term, medium-term, and long-term plan of what needs to be done.

The short-term aim would be to remove out-of-date material, improve current citations, and provide some coherent linkage through categories.

The medium term aim would be to have a good set of articles that would help introduce somebody to the field, but, also, be a reliable source of information for a practitioner to look up details.


This is not an advertising initiative. Wikipedia is not there as an advertising medium. It's there to inform. So articles need to be objective, and independent, as far as possible.

Are you interested in helping?

If so, wonderful! Even if you haven't much time, just a few minutes a day, of well-directed work, can make a bit difference.


Please contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


ITIL's new owners

So, how can we help the new ITIL owners? I'd be interested to know how we all see Back2ITSM and ITIL contributing to Capita and it's involvement.

What would we like to see in an ideal world?

I hope that Stuart Rance and his initiative for a knowledge base will be high on the agenda.

I'm delighted to hear from the itSMF Executive board - Alejandro Debenedet is their man to help the itSMF connect with Capita. Congratulations to Alejandro for helping the itSMF to get involved with this!

I know that Ivor Macfarlane is closely connected - there's a new book I've been chatting to him about. Wouldn't it be useful to know the process for people to work with Captita to produce books and other IP in collaboration with Capita and to the betterment of ITIL?

What is the brief of Capita, actually? Does it extend to Service Management beyond ITIL?

I must confess a personal interest in this. My new book on 'An Integrated Requirements Process' ( ) is something that I personally think ought to be part of ITIL. I think that ITIL 2011, great as it is, under values requirements hugely and doesn't integrate them into the lifecycle, only seeing them as part of (and a small part of ) Service Design. I'd like to work with Capita to see how this could become part of the official lifecycle in the next version.

Forget my personal interest for a moment - isn't it important for the process of engagement, whether with me, or with the Back2ITSM movement, or with experienced ITIL authors to be transparent?

I'm really delighted that we now have some understanding of where we are going - I'm really keen that we get some clarity on the details soon!


ITIL sold to UK company

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No more waiting – we have the long awaited answer.

Who got the deal – none of the players that was reported to be in the run! A total outsider was chosen by the UK government to be their new partner for managing ITIL, PRINCE2, MoR, etc IP and accreditation schemes.

The Government has set up a joint venture with Capita, the FTSE 100 services company, to develop some of the state’s IT and training programs in a unique deal that could generate £500m for the Treasury over 10 years.

Capital has agreed to pay the Government £10m up-front for a 51pc stake in the new company plus an annual fee for three years of £9.4m a year, which is the Government’s current income from the assets. By developing the IP and marketing it abroad, it is estimated that the returns could soar.

The management, which has not yet been confirmed, and employees will be incentivized by a 5pc profit share. The new company will be launched in January.

So what will happen with current licensed providers agreements with their EI’s? It is reported that the joint venture will not upset the current ecosystem but it is inevitable that there will be changes!

Let’s wait and see – the next few months will tell us what will happen. In the meantime APMG is still the licensor until end of Dec 2013.

Johann Botha is the current chair of the itSMF SA and the CEO of getITright and ITIL, COBIT and ISO20000 Accredited Training Organisation

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