Adopting Service Governance -- Governing portfolio value for sound corporate citizenship

The ITIL book "Adopting Service Governance -  Governing portfolio value for sound corporate citizenship" is going to be published by AXELOS on the 11th of August.

There is a 10% pre-publication discount - order the book here, specifying the code ASG1 until the 10th of August 2015:

There was considerable interest shown at the well-attended AXELOS webinar, with good questions that the author answers.

The AXELOS webinar is here:

There is also a short introductory film, showing screenshots of the fictitious company used in the examples in the book. This shows the company, discusses its decision, and shows its service portfolio. This gives an idea of how a governing body, such as the board of directors, can, in practice, set up a Service Portfolio, and use it to govern the organisation through understanding the value / cost ratio of its services.

The film is here:

There is a blog on "Delivering organisational value through service governance':

There is also a blog on 'Issues in corporate governance and service governance as a solution' here:

Service Governance is the theme of the itSMF South Africa this year, and it is being seen as a way to communicate a means to govern to the board of directors, and a way to understand that ITIL provided a governance framework, with all the management advice required to make it practically successful.


For much more, see Service Governance


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