If Open Offices are so bad - why has CSI not done anything about them

This reminds me of that wonderful book; 'Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds'. The attached article from the 'New Yorker' illustrates how many ways the Open Office is so bad for you.


We talk in Service Management of how to influence ABC. We talk of how to measure and improve things to create value and so forth.


Isn't it at least worth wondering why and idea that's clearly anti-productive and destructive of employee morale and health is so universally seen as a 'good thing' that 70% of offices are open plan?


Shouldn't at least one CSI exercise have identified the open plan office as a defect, a root cause, of a loss of value? If not, why not?


If CSI should have identified this, why has it not? What is missing in either the best practice advice on CSI or in the actual practice of CSI that allows such an obvious elephant to remain undetected in the room?


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