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Bad boys in IT?


We all heard about the IOL hack by Africa Anonymous, and within the next 24 hours we noticed the rather interesting Star Newspaper Ads...

The conspiracy theorists are smiling all the way with smug "I told you so" looks whilst the mere mortal working class man ponders exactly what happened and exactly how this affects them and how much money will have to be spent to fix this.

And in truth... what does this mean for IT? Of course there are multiple attempts daily to secure/deface or corrupt data, whether it is against financial institutions, service providers or even kindergarten web sites. The important thing is that Hackitivism is relatively rare in South Africa, very seldom do we hear of events and even more seldom, is the fight taken to print media in aid of creating either awareness, or exploiting weakness.

I had a rather good chuckle this morning on my way to the office , I had the privilege to listen to Whackhead, Sam and the crew rip off Stephen Grootes, a rather conservative news reader.

In less than 5 minutes, the talented and often controversial, yet fun, radio station had annihilated, in my opinion, what credibility the STAR newspaper, had left, by I am sure, inadvertently, elevating the hactivists to heroes in the eyes of every underdog in south Africa, and again, this is my opinion. And my opinion counts, seeing as both the Hack and the ensuing Headline stunt, stems from, and supports, freedom of speech.

In terms of IT, we in some form or another, are custodians of data, your own or someone else’s... data for all intent and purposes is the single most valuable commodity you will lay your hands on, it crosses divides, carries no tax and has the power to make or break... all at the touch of a finger on one little key...

Back to my question, is IT Service Management equipped and agile enough to weather brutal onslaughts to our sister interfaces? In the end, it is the service reputation which suffers and it becomes the responsibility of Service Management to govern, comply and mitigate risk.

How does this impact IT Service Management?

Bad boys, Bad boys... what exactly are you going to do?

check out the link to the Bogus Boys clip.





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