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I'm running a workshop today, one of a set of three before the end of the year. I'm looking forward to it - there are only a dozen people, so not the pressure of the Sao Paulo event, but it has more of an urgent goal to be achieved.

Workshops are, by their nature, a lot less predictable than training courses. That makes them fun, but means that you've got to do your preparation properly.

I'm wondering if it would make sense to write a small pamphlet on running workshops (or more specifically on running them on metrics or, as in this case, business analysis). It's the sort of thing that I'd have found handy.

I'm interested in how my view of business analysis has changed so much as a result of writing the book on the integrated requirements process. This is undergoing its second cycle of critical review so should be published in the not too distant future - by the itSMF global publishing organisation (with, by the way, a handsome percentage of the royalties for the South African chapter!!).

I now cannot see a sensible way in which it can be divorced from service management and it becomes clearer, almost by the day, that requirements are the true IP, not the more obvious solutions, which are only instantiations of a subset of the actual requirements according to current constraints (including the invisible constraints on imagination and design skill).

I haven't, by the way, forgotten that I've got postings on the Stockholm event to catch up with - I hope to have these up in the next few days..

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