Few questions and a request

Let's start with the questions:

1. Why only two Bloggers? !!!!

2. Does writing here requires being an expert or certified on something?

3. Can the user or professioal not write about the expereinces (IT experiences & challenges) they go through everyday in the industry?

I must confess first that I am a very newcomer to this society, as a matter of fact, before having the chance to join the conference at Sunninghill, I wasnt aware of this community at all. My apology if I am asking questions that have already been discussed or addressed long ago. I am also not a native english speaker, if any part of this sounds rude, please forgive me, I didn't mean to be, its just becuase of my limited knowledge about the language.

 I need to tell that the conference was a great experience for me, seeing so many experts with experiences and thoughts from so many dimensions was really a great opportunity; looking forward to many more exciting events in future.

I need some help as well with something. I am planning to develop a report for Capacity monitoring/Reporting on capacity control points.

Would anyone be kind enough to share some experiences or sample template that has successful case record? Please be sure I am not looking for texts from ITIL books or anything of that sort; i need a real case sutdy.

I would really appreciate if someone can share some info or guidance on that.


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