SMEXA 2012: Thoughts after a successful itSMFsa conference

SMEXA 2012: Thoughts after a successful itSMFsa conference

The two day conference is drawing to a close today ( )and it’s been a most enjoyable experience.

There have been some excellent presentations. Some useful reminders of important foundations, and others interesting ideas for the future. My personal favourite was the presentation  ‘Understanding risk, thinking beyond the event’ by Deborah Strydom of Huawei all the SMEXA presentations will be on the web, but, for the moment, this one is here:

The reason this is an abbreviated blog, and I've had to update it, was that I presented this itSMF blog service to the conference. I'm hoping that Johann and I will be joined by more bloggers now that we're up and running!

If you're reading this, and an itSMFsa member, please post a blog entry - your best experience at the conference, what you've learned or a recent interesting project you've been involved in, or something you're going to be doing would all be great!

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