The future of prISM for IT career development

There has been an interesting and important discussion on the future if prISM on LinkedIn  - many excellent points have been made. I think that prISM is one of the best achievements that the itSMF (initially the USA and International, but now with lots of contributors world wide). It is a valuable and useful programme for the industry, helped by its broad scope and international base - as well as the support from the vendor-neutrality of the ItSMF.

It does need to reach a critical mass of members. We need to help get it there.

Would it not make sense to treat it from an ITIL perspective and get the itSMF community to fund a CSI exercise to move it to the next stage?

It would be terrible to lose the excellent work and other investments made thus far!

One of the other great achievements is itSMF publishing - might it help (the first item for the CSI register?) to produce a publication explaining and supporting the programme aimed at HR, recruiters and practitioners?

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