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University of St.Gallen & Copenhagen Business School ITIL self-assessment study

"A number of itSMF SA members participated in the University of St.Gallen & Copenhagen Business School ITIL self-assessment study. The universities thanks you for your participation and have since improved the assessment. Members are encouraged to take part in the study by going to :http://itil.selfsurvey.org which will be available until the end of June this year. The scientists are now able to provide an updated assessment with more detailed benchmarking functionalities and participants now receive an individualized gap analysis which amongst others:

- differentiates between different types of IT service providers (internal, shared, external),
- provides benchmarks on ITIL domain level as well as on a process level,
- and summarizes the gaps in a roadmap indicating the most urgent improvement needs.

The results of this international survey so far was quite insightful – once again South African companies don't have to stand back for anyone globally and although the level of maturity is sometimes below the global average – it is only marginally so. The results are shown below.





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