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SMEXA'13 Featured


SMEXA '13 is drawing closer and as a typical type A personality I run numbers. I count, count again and will double check the double check.

Which brings me to a tender point: Why have you not registered yet? yes you... third form the right

Considering that you can earn CPE points, build valuable lasting professional relationships and as valued members of the community, your attendance breathes life into IT Service Management.

Sometimes seen as the elephant in the room in IT industries it is time to be heard and not just seen and our speakers for 2013 illustrate this more than ever before.

If you have not heard of Michael Jackson, Gary Hardy, Richard Cascarino or Craig Rosewarne... what have you been doing?

Sponsors include APMG, HP, T-Systems, Marval and a host of others bringing the big boys to the party.

Now we just need you... 




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